The way that businesses operate is consistent.  Businesses have habits the same way that each of us have personal habits.  Below are ours.

The Kilbourn Marshall Way


Consistently Superior Results: By Design

i. Meet with clients in person to learn what you need [each search treated as unique]

ii. Speed-to-market by sourcing via resumes on file & focused Centers of Influence; turning to LinkedIn last

iii. Transparency & accountability of knowing when candidates are being proactively pitched your role

iv. Filtering out resumes of candidates who have proven accuracy/deadline/attitude/attendance issues

v. Submit two former supervisor references with every resume or if the search isn’t exclusive place calls into two former supervisors before submitting resumes and submit references ASAP

vi. Uncover any candidate concerns & if they are interviewing anywhere new after each interview

vii. Aid both parties in achieving a win-win scenario [sometimes that means walking away from each other]

viii. Reduce risk of accepting counteroffers by addressing issues directly throughout the process

ix. Send calendar invites for monthly check-ins with candidate/manager